About mountain-town Pec pod Snezkou

Pec pod Sn?žkou is one of the most well-known and most frequented mountain resorts in the Czech Republic, with yearround use. It lies in the valley of the river Úpa and the brooks Zelený and Lu?ní, set in resplendent natural surroundings amid the peaks ?erná hora (Black Mountain - 1 299m), Jelení vrch (Stag Peak - 1 024 m), Liš?í hora (Fox Mountain - 1 363 m), Studni?ní hora (1 553 m), and Sn?žka. Sn?žka (Snow Mountain), on the border with Poland, is at 1 602 m the highest peak in the Czech Republic.

Included in Pec pod Sn?žkou are the neighbouring village of Velká Úpa , as well as many mountain settlements and a wilderness area reaching high onto the ridges. The all area of the town Pec pod Sn?žkou is situated in the Krkonoše (The Giant Mountains) National Park

The name of the town comes from the building of ovens (pece) for the smelting of iron, arsenic and copper ores, which were mined in Ob?í d?l (Giant's Mine) from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Pec pod Sn?žkou became a popular tourist centre after World War I, and the original mining camp was gradually changed into a hub of tourist activity. The construction of two segments of the chair-lift Pec - R?žová hora - Sn?žka in 1948-50, and the following construction of a system of ski-lifts and downhill skiing runs, were landmarks in the further development of the town.

Pec pod Sn?žkou is the natural centre of the eastern Krkonoše, with relatively good facilities and its own inimitable atmosphere which no tourist should miss.

Pec pod Snezkou offers all the year:

  • many accommodation capacity in various classes
  • the restaurants and the snack-bars with various specialities
  • cable lift Pec - Sn?žka
  • cable lift Velká Úpa - Portášovy boudy
  • hotel bathing-pools, the saunas, the fitness centres, solaria, massages, squash, ricochet
  • skittles, billiard
  • bowling Velká Úpa
  • the discothéques

Pec pod Sn?žkou in the summer:

  • the hiking
  • the educational footpaths - Vl?í jáma, Aichelburg, Zelený potok, Okolo Pece
  • the trips with the guides
  • the cycle hires
  • the cycle tourism
  • the coach trips
  • the trips with horses coach
  • sight-seeing train
  • the tennis courts

Pec pod Sn?žkou in the winter:

  • Downhill Running - Skiarea Ski Pec pod Sn?žkou
  • the cable lift Hn?dý vrch (Bramberk)
  • skiarea Portášky - Velká Úpa
  • the standard cross-country tracks
  • cross-country track Krkonošská magistrála
  • the tourist ski tracks
  • the skiing school for children and for the adults
  • snowpark - snowboard
  • the ski hires and repair schops
  • horses sledge
  • ski-taxi


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